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SylverTECH is a company which specializes in the development and marketing of products related to Heating and A/C Control systems.

Its flagship product is the SmarTHERM.  The SmarTHERM is an Intelligent Heating and A/C Control system for residential homes. This system is full featured and is absolutely unique. (Click here for more details)


The SMARTHERM is a system created by SYLVERTECH which allows computer based control of the temperature of the house. The system is based on Artificial Intelligence where its name comes from (intelligent ("Smart") and thermostat ("Therm").

It aims at maximizing energy savings while maximizing comfort for the occupants of the house, two goals that are by nature of opposite ends.


Weather Station


  • thanks to its 'SMART COMFORT' system and also to its control of the temperature to hundreds of degrees, keeps the temperature constant (minimum swing) when the house is occupied and this, no matter the outdoors weather conditions;

  • thanks to its 'SMART SetBack' system, optimizes the degree at which the indoor temperature can be set back at night or during the day when the house is empty, and this without affecting the comfort of the occupants at wake up time or at return home time and also without consuming any kilowatt of energy needlessly (determines the most economical setback temp);

  • thanks to its 'SRAS (Smart Restart After a STOP)' system, optimizes the time at which the heating system must turn ON after a programmed stop or a programmed temperature 'setback' so the indoor temperature can be reached at the exact desired wake up or return home time (not before, not after!);

  • thanks to its on-site integrated Weather Station, the system adapts instantaneously to temperature, wind and sunshine variations to which the house is submitted at any time of the day and the night;

  • great flexibility of programming (unlimited) and settings compared to conventional programmable thermostats,

  • displays a lot of statistics regarding the weather data, the heating system performance, the heating costs, the savings, etc.,

  • heating costs savings of 15% to 30% depending on the living habits of the occupants;

  • pays for itself within 1 year or 2;

  • more...


SmarTHERM Demo

(Click on the image for more details...)

Download the DEMO

to see all the features in action LIVE!




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